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compressed Adsorption Air Dryer

China Suzhou Hongjinli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Suzhou Hongjinli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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compressed Adsorption Air Dryer

compressed Adsorption Air Dryer
compressed Adsorption Air Dryer

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Brand Name: Hongjinli

compressed Adsorption Air Dryer

Name: Adsorption Air Dryer Dew Point Of Compressed Air: -40℃
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adsorption air dryer


adsorption dryer


adsorption compressed air dryer

Adsorption Air Dryer



1. According to dual thermal/hydraulic calculations, the tower bed resistance is small, and the contact time between compressed air and desiccant is greater than 5 seconds, ensuring the dew point requirements of the exported finished gas.
2. 30% desiccant balance is used to compensate for the natural aging of the desiccant and ensure the drying effect.
3. Large diffuser ensures that the air flow passes through the desiccant layer evenly and eliminates channeling.
4. Fully electronic programmable controller, friendly human-machine interface, automatic and continuous display of twin tower working conditions, stable performance, and easy operation.
5. The inner wall of the cylinder is treated with cold galvanizing for anti-rust treatment and will not rust for 10 years.
6. The adsorbent has a long service life, generally more than five years of normal use.
7. The air intake/regeneration valve system has a 4-valve or 3-valve structure, which works reliably and has a valve life of up to 500,000 operations.
8. The moisture content of the regeneration gas outlet is controlled in a sub-saturated state, and there is no concern about condensation in the muffler and exhaust channel.
9. Reserve low-load regeneration energy-saving control and dew point online detection interfaces.


Operating conditions

Working pressure: 0.6~1.0MPa
Pressure dew point: -20℃~-70℃
Desiccant: activated alumina or molecular sieve
Air inlet temperature: 0℃~45℃
Pressure drop: ≤0.025MPa
Air consumption: ≤14% (no heat) ≤7% (slight heat)
Control method: PIC electronic control
Installation method: indoor without foundation


heatless/micro heat (LH) regenerative adsorption dryer technical parameters
model air treatment(m3/min) Pipe diameter(mm) Dimensions(length x width x height mm) Heating power/power supply (micro heat) Equipment weight (heatless Kg) Equipment weight (micro heat Kg)
BX0005 0.8 DN15 600X350X1500   70  
BX0010(LH) 1.8 DN20 650X450X1500 0.35/220 80 95
BX0020(LH) 2.8 DN20 700X450X1500 0.5/220 100 120
BX0030 (LH) 3.8 DN25 900X480X1600 0.75/220 130 140
BX0040(LH) 5.5 DN40 1000X650X1750 1.25/220 250 270
BX0060(LH) 6.8 DN40 1000X700X1800 1.5/220 280 300
BX0080(LH) 8.8 DN50 1100X700X1900 2.0/220 450 480
BX0100(LH) 11.5 DN50 1100X650X2050 2.5/220 500 530
BX0120(LH) 14 DN65 1200X850X2200 3.0/380 550 580
BX0150(LH) 16 DN65 1200X850X2200 3.75/380 580 620
BX0200(LH) 22.8 DN80 1400X1000X2350 5.0/380 860 900
BX0250(LH) 28.5 DN80 1400X1000X2500 6.25/380 1200 1250
BX0300(LH) 35 DN80 1750X1100X2500 7.5/380 1600 1700
BX0400(LH) 45 DN100 1700X1100X2600 10/380 1900 2000
BX0500(LH) 55 DN100 1900X1200X2800 12.5/380 2300 2500
BX0600(LH) 65 DN125 2000X1300X2800 15/380 2800 3000
BX0800(LH) 85 DN150 2200X1600X2900 20/380 3400 3800
BX1000(LH) 105 DN150 2600X1600X2960 25/380 4100 4500
BX1200(LH) 120 DN200 3200X1600X3000 30/380 4500 5000
BX1600(LH) 160 DN200 3800X1800X3000 40/380 6000 6500
BX2000 (LH) 200 DN250 4200X2000X3000 50/380 7500 8000
Note: BX0005-BX2000 models are twin-tower traditional structures; (LH) is a low-heat adsorption dryer

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