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lpm psa oxygen generation plant for hospital

China Suzhou Hongjinli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Suzhou Hongjinli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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lpm psa oxygen generation plant for hospital

lpm psa oxygen generation plant for hospital
lpm psa oxygen generation plant for hospital

Large Image :  lpm psa oxygen generation plant for hospital

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lpm psa oxygen generation plant for hospital


PSA Oxygen Generator




Oxygen generation plant’s use two vessels filled with Zeolite Molecular sieve as absorbers. As Compressed Air passes up through one of the absorbers, the molecular sieve selectively adsorbs the Nitrogen. This then allows the remaining Oxygen to pass on up through the absorber and exit as a product gas. When the absorber becomes saturated with Nitrogen the inlet airflow is switched to the second absorber. The first absorber is regenerated by desorbing nitrogen through depressurization and purging it with some of the product oxygen. The cycle is then repeated and the pressure is continually swinging between a higher level at adsorption (Production), and a lower level at desorption (Regeneration). The whole process is intelligently controlled with help of automated valves and Siemens Make Pre-Programmed PLC.

Main Features

The PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Oxygen Generator finds applications in various industries and sectors. Some common applications include:

Medical and Healthcare: PSA Oxygen Generators are extensively used in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to provide a reliable and on-site source of medical-grade oxygen. It is used for respiratory support, anesthesia, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and other medical procedures.

Industrial Processes: Many industrial processes require oxygen as a key component. PSA Oxygen Generators are used in industries such as metal fabrication, glass manufacturing, wastewater treatment, chemical production, and ozone generation. It provides oxygen for combustion, oxidation, and chemical reactions.

Laboratory and Research: Laboratories often require a continuous supply of high-purity oxygen for experiments, analysis, and research activities. PSA Oxygen Generators are used in scientific research facilities, testing laboratories, and academic institutions to provide a reliable source of oxygen.

Aquaculture: In fish farming and aquaculture operations, oxygen is necessary to maintain optimal water quality and support aquatic life. PSA Oxygen Generators are used to generate oxygen for fish tanks, ponds, and aquaculture systems, ensuring the well-being and growth of aquatic organisms.

Ozone Generation: Ozone is widely used for water treatment, disinfection, and odor control. PSA Oxygen Generators supply oxygen for ozone generators, enabling the production of ozone gas efficiently and cost-effectively.

Aerospace and Aviation: In aircraft and aerospace applications, PSA Oxygen Generators are used to provide oxygen for crew members and passengers in pressurized cabins. It ensures a safe and breathable environment at high altitudes where oxygen levels are lower.

Food and Beverage Industry: Oxygen is utilized in various food and beverage processes, such as fermentation, oxidation, and preservation. PSA Oxygen Generators are employed to supply oxygen for these applications, ensuring quality control and extending the shelf life of products.

Environmental Remediation: PSA Oxygen Generators play a role in environmental remediation processes, such as soil and groundwater remediation. Oxygen is injected into contaminated areas to enhance microbial activity and facilitate the degradation of pollutants.

These are just a few examples of the common applications for PSA Oxygen Generators. The versatility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of these generators make them suitable for numerous industries and sectors where a consistent and high-purity oxygen supply is required.

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