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Portable PSA Oxygen Generator Medical For Sale

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Portable PSA Oxygen Generator Medical For Sale

Portable PSA Oxygen Generator Medical For Sale
Portable PSA Oxygen Generator Medical For Sale

Large Image :  Portable PSA Oxygen Generator Medical For Sale

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Portable PSA Oxygen Generator Medical For Sale

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portable oxygen generator for sale

PSA Oxygen Generator




A PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Oxygen Generator operates based on the principle of adsorption and desorption to separate oxygen from air. Here's a simplified explanation of how it works:

Adsorption: The process begins with compressed air, which contains oxygen (about 21%) and nitrogen (about 78%), along with trace amounts of other gases. The air is passed through a series of adsorption vessels filled with a specialized adsorbent material, typically a zeolite molecular sieve.

Selective Adsorption: The zeolite molecular sieve has a higher affinity for nitrogen molecules than oxygen molecules. As the air flows through the adsorption vessels, the nitrogen molecules are selectively adsorbed by the sieve material, while the oxygen molecules pass through and are collected for use.

Oxygen Production: While one adsorption vessel is adsorbing nitrogen, the other vessel is regenerated. This is typically achieved by reducing the pressure in the vessel, releasing the nitrogen molecules from the adsorbent material. The released nitrogen is discharged into the atmosphere, and the vessel is ready for the next adsorption cycle.

Switching Cycles: The process of adsorption and desorption is cyclic and continuous. The system alternates the flow of air between the two adsorption vessels, ensuring a continuous supply of oxygen. The switching of cycles is controlled by valves and automated processes.

Oxygen Purity Control: To achieve the desired purity level, the PSA Oxygen Generator can be equipped with additional purification steps. These may include filters, molecular sieves, or other purification technologies to further remove impurities and fine-tune the oxygen purity.

Oxygen Delivery: The generated oxygen is collected and delivered for various applications. It can be stored in tanks, distributed through pipelines, or used directly at the point of production, depending on the specific requirements of the application.

By utilizing the differences in adsorption capacities between nitrogen and oxygen, a PSA Oxygen Generator efficiently separates oxygen from air, providing a continuous and reliable source of oxygen with high purity levels. The precise control of pressure, flow, and adsorption cycles allows for optimal performance and customization to meet specific application needs.


1.Intelligent, automatic operation, remote/automatic control
2.Special air distribution system, flow rate control, compaction technology and
other technologies ensure stable operation;
3.Oxygen purity, pressure, flow rate on-line monitoring
4.Oxygen purity, flow rate are adjustable, meeting customer flexible needs;

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