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O2 Psa Oxygen Generator Plant For Sale

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O2 Psa Oxygen Generator Plant For Sale

O2 Psa Oxygen Generator Plant For Sale
O2 Psa Oxygen Generator Plant For Sale

Large Image :  O2 Psa Oxygen Generator Plant For Sale

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O2 Psa Oxygen Generator Plant For Sale

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psa oxygen generator for sale


oxygen generator psa


oxygen generator plant psa

PSA Oxygen Generator




An oxygen concentrator is composed of several key components that work together to generate and deliver concentrated oxygen. The main components and their functions include:

Compressor: The compressor is responsible for drawing in ambient air and compressing it to a higher pressure. This compressed air is passed on to the next stage for further processing.

Air Filters: The concentrator incorporates filters to remove impurities and particles from the incoming air. These filters ensure that the oxygen produced is clean and free from contaminants.

Sieve Beds: The sieve beds contain a material called zeolite, which has the capability to selectively adsorb nitrogen from compressed air. The compressed air enters the sieve beds, and while nitrogen is trapped by the zeolite, oxygen passes through and is collected for use.

Oxygen Reservoir: The collected oxygen is stored in a reservoir, typically a cylinder or tank, within the oxygen concentrator. This reservoir ensures a continuous supply of oxygen even when the demand fluctuates.

Flow Control Mechanism: The concentrator is equipped with a flow control mechanism, such as a flowmeter or adjustable valve, which allows the user to regulate the flow rate of oxygen according to their prescribed needs.

Oxygen Delivery System: The concentrated oxygen is delivered to the user through an oxygen tubing system connected to a nasal cannula or mask. This enables the user to inhale the oxygen directly.

The operating principle of an oxygen concentrator involves the following steps:

Air Intake: The concentrator draws in ambient air from its surroundings using the compressor. The air is pulled into the system through the air filters to remove impurities.

Compression: The compressor increases the pressure of the incoming air, making it easier to separate oxygen from other gases present in the air.

Sieve Bed Operation: The compressed air is directed into the sieve beds containing the zeolite material. The zeolite selectively adsorbs nitrogen molecules while allowing oxygen to pass through. This separation process occurs due to the difference in adsorption properties of nitrogen and oxygen.

Oxygen Collection: The oxygen that passes through the sieve beds is collected and stored in the oxygen reservoir. This ensures a continuous supply of concentrated oxygen, ready for delivery to the user.

Nitrogen Release: While the oxygen is collected, the zeolite material in the sieve beds releases the adsorbed nitrogen. This is achieved by reducing the pressure in the sieve beds, allowing the nitrogen to be expelled back into the environment.

Oxygen Delivery: The stored oxygen is delivered to the user through the flow control mechanism and oxygen delivery system. The user can adjust the flow rate according to their prescribed requirements, and the oxygen is delivered for inhalation through the nasal cannula or mask.

The oxygen concentrator operates continuously, cycling through these steps to generate and deliver a concentrated supply of oxygen to individuals who require supplemental oxygen therapy.




CBO series PSA oxygen generator raw material is air , oxygen is produced and used on site. No need to be transported or filled.
Advanced PLC touch screen control and display, fully automatic operation, can be unmanned management.
CBO series PSA oxygen generator is physical principles, air as raw material, low cost, economical and environmentally friendly.
PSA technology through physical methods to produce oxygen at normal temperature and low pressure. No transportation link reduces
potential safety hazards.



 Product Name
PSA oxygen generator
Model No.
NZO- 5/10/20/40/60/80/CUSTOMIZED
Oxygen Production
Oxygen Purity
Oxygen Pressure
Dew Point
≤-40 degree C


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