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Gas Psa Medical Oxygen Generator Diy

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Gas Psa Medical Oxygen Generator Diy

Gas Psa Medical Oxygen Generator Diy
Gas Psa Medical Oxygen Generator Diy

Large Image :  Gas Psa Medical Oxygen Generator Diy

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Gas Psa Medical Oxygen Generator Diy

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psa medical oxygen generator


psa generator oxygen


psa oxygen gas generator

PSA Oxygen Generator




An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that works on the principle of air separation to provide a concentrated supply of oxygen. The basic principle of an oxygen concentrator involves the following steps:

Air Intake: The concentrator draws in ambient air from its surroundings using an internal compressor.

Filtration: Once the air is taken in, it passes through a series of filters to remove impurities like dust, pollen, and other particles. This ensures that the output oxygen is clean and safe for the user.

Compression: The filtered air is then compressed using a compressor. This compression increases the pressure of the air, making it easier to separate the oxygen from other gases.

Sieve Beds: The compressed air is directed into sieve beds, which contain a material called zeolite. Zeolite is a substance with a high affinity for nitrogen. As the compressed air passes through the sieve beds, the zeolite selectively adsorbs the nitrogen molecules, allowing the oxygen to pass through.

Oxygen Collection: The concentrated oxygen that passes through the sieve beds is collected and stored in a reservoir within the oxygen concentrator.

Release of Nitrogen: While the oxygen is collected, the nitrogen that was adsorbed by the zeolite is released back into the environment. This process is called desorption and is achieved by reducing the pressure in the sieve beds.

Oxygen Flow: The stored oxygen is then delivered to the user through a flowmeter and a nasal cannula or mask. The flow rate of oxygen can be adjusted according to the user's prescribed requirements.

Continuous Operation: The oxygen concentrator can operate continuously as long as it has a power source and proper maintenance. It effectively separates oxygen from the surrounding air, ensuring a constant supply of concentrated oxygen to the user.

In summary, an oxygen concentrator uses air separation technology, involving filtration, compression, and adsorption-desorption processes, to deliver a concentrated supply of oxygen to individuals who require supplemental oxygen therapy.



Oxygen concentrators find applications in various fields where a reliable and concentrated supply of oxygen is required. Some of the key application areas of oxygen concentrators include:

Medical Settings: Oxygen concentrators are extensively used in medical settings to provide supplemental oxygen therapy to patients with respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pneumonia, and other respiratory disorders. They are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare settings.

Home Healthcare: Oxygen concentrators are widely used in home healthcare environments, allowing patients with chronic respiratory conditions to receive oxygen therapy in the comfort of their own homes. This improves their quality of life and reduces the need for frequent hospital visits.

Emergency Medical Services: Oxygen concentrators are essential in emergency medical services, such as ambulances and disaster response units. They provide a portable and reliable source of oxygen for immediate administration to patients in critical conditions, including trauma, cardiac arrest, or respiratory distress.

Aviation and Aerospace: Oxygen concentrators are used in aviation and aerospace industries to provide oxygen supply to pilots, crew members, and passengers at high altitudes where oxygen levels are lower. They ensure the safety and well-being of individuals in pressurized cabins or in situations where supplemental oxygen is required.

Veterinary Care: Oxygen concentrators are utilized in veterinary clinics and animal hospitals to deliver oxygen therapy to animals experiencing respiratory distress or undergoing surgical procedures. They are particularly beneficial for oxygenating small animals or those with specific respiratory conditions.

Sports and Fitness: Oxygen concentrators have gained popularity in the sports and fitness industry. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use them during training or recovery to enhance performance, improve endurance, and accelerate the recovery process by increasing oxygen levels.

Industrial Applications: Oxygen concentrators are employed in various industrial applications, such as metal cutting, welding, and industrial processes that require a concentrated oxygen supply. They offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen systems.

It is important to note that while oxygen concentrators are versatile and widely used, they should be used under proper medical supervision and guidance to ensure appropriate oxygen levels and safe usage in each specific application.




Box PSA Oxygen Generator : Oxygen production 1-50Nm3/h
Oxygen purity 93% ± 3
Oxygen pressure Oxygen dew point 3bar (adjustable) ≤-40℃ (adjustable)
Control power supply 0.2kw 220v 50Hz


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