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hydrogen purification system psa gas generation

China Suzhou Hongjinli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Suzhou Hongjinli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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hydrogen purification system psa gas generation

hydrogen purification system psa gas generation
hydrogen purification system psa gas generation

Large Image :  hydrogen purification system psa gas generation

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Brand Name: Hongjinli

hydrogen purification system psa gas generation

Name: Box PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Capacity: 1 ~100Nm3/h
Nitrogen Purity: 95%-99.999% Nitrogen Pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa(boost For High Pressure)
Nitrogen Dew Point: ≤-40℃(Atmosphere Pressure) Control Power Supply: 0.2kw 220v 50Hz
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hydrogen purification system psa


hydrogen psa


psa in hydrogen gas generation

PSA Nitrogen Generator



PSA Nitrogen generator principle
The nitrogen generators are constructed according to the principle of operation P.S.A. (Pressure Swing Adsorption) and are composed by a minimum of two absorbers filled up with molecular sieve.The absorbers are crossed alternatively by the compressed air (previously purified in order to eliminate oil, humidity and powders) and produce nitrogen . While a container, crossed by the compressed air, produces gas, the other regenerates itself losing to pressure atmosphere the gases previously adsorbed. The process comes repeated in cyclical way. The generators are managed by a PLC.


Nitrogen generators have a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some common areas where nitrogen generators are used:

Food and Beverage Industry: Nitrogen generators are widely used in the food and beverage industry for packaging and preservation. Nitrogen gas is employed to displace oxygen, preventing spoilage, maintaining product freshness, and extending the shelf life of packaged foods and beverages.

Pharmaceutical Industry: In the pharmaceutical sector, nitrogen generators are utilized for various applications. Nitrogen gas is used to create an inert atmosphere during pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, such as powder handling, packaging, and storage, to prevent degradation and maintain product integrity.

Electronics Industry: Nitrogen generators find extensive use in electronics manufacturing. Nitrogen is employed for soldering, wave soldering, reflow soldering, and other processes to create an oxygen-free environment, reducing oxidation and improving the quality and reliability of electronic components.

Chemical Industry: Nitrogen gas is widely used in the chemical industry for blanketing and purging applications. Nitrogen is utilized to displace air and other gases in storage tanks, pipelines, and reactors, preventing oxidation and maintaining the quality and stability of chemicals.

Oil and Gas Industry: Nitrogen generators play a vital role in the oil and gas sector. Nitrogen is used for well stimulation, pipeline purging, pressure testing, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. Nitrogen gas helps improve safety, prevent explosions, and enhance production efficiency.

Automotive Industry: Nitrogen generators are commonly used in the automotive sector for tire inflation. Nitrogen-filled tires offer improved pressure retention, better fuel efficiency, and enhanced safety compared to regular air-filled tires.

Metal Processing and Heat Treatment: Nitrogen generators find applications in metal processing and heat treatment industries. Nitrogen gas is used for annealing, brazing, and heat treatment processes to create an oxygen-free atmosphere, preventing oxidation and enhancing the strength and durability of metal components.

Aerospace Industry: Nitrogen generators are utilized in the aerospace industry for various applications, including fuel tank inerting, purging of fuel lines and tanks, and testing of aircraft systems. Nitrogen gas is used to displace oxygen, reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

These are just a few examples of the diverse applications of nitrogen generators. Their ability to produce high-purity nitrogen gas on-site makes them indispensable in industries where nitrogen is required for various processes, preservation, and safety purposes.





Box PSA Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen capacity : 1 ~100Nm3/h
Nitrogen purity : 95%-99.999%
Nitrogen pressure : 0.5-0.8Mpa(boost for high pressure) Nitrogen dew point : ≤-40℃(Atmosphere pressure)
Control power supply : 0.2kw 220v 50Hz



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