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Box Psa Type Nitrogen Generator Psa Gas Generator

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Box Psa Type Nitrogen Generator Psa Gas Generator

Box Psa Type Nitrogen Generator Psa Gas Generator
Box Psa Type Nitrogen Generator Psa Gas Generator

Large Image :  Box Psa Type Nitrogen Generator Psa Gas Generator

Product Details:
Brand Name: Hongjinli

Box Psa Type Nitrogen Generator Psa Gas Generator

Name: Box PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Capacity: 1 ~100Nm3/h
Nitrogen Purity: 95%-99.999% Nitrogen Pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa(boost For High Pressure)
Nitrogen Dew Point: ≤-40℃(Atmosphere Pressure) Control Power Supply: 0.2kw 220v 50Hz
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psa type nitrogen generator


psa gas generator


nitrogen psa generator

Box PSA Nitrogen Generator




The process flow of a nitrogen generator typically involves several steps, each contributing to the production of nitrogen gas. Here is a detailed description of the process:

Air Compression: The first step involves compressing atmospheric air. Air is drawn into the nitrogen generator and compressed using a screw compressor or a reciprocating compressor. The compression raises the air pressure to a desired level, typically between 7 to 10 atmospheres.

Air Cooling: The compressed air then enters the cooling system, which consists of heat exchangers and condensers. In these components, the air is cooled down to lower temperatures. As a result, a portion of the moisture present in the air condenses into liquid form, which is removed through a drainage system.

Air Purification: The cooled air enters the purification stage, often involving a molecular sieve. The molecular sieve is an adsorbent material with specific pore sizes that selectively adsorbs oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other impurities while allowing nitrogen to pass through. This process removes oxygen and other impurities, increasing the purity of the nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen Compression: The purified nitrogen gas is then compressed to the desired working pressure using a screw compressor or a centrifugal compressor. The compression increases the pressure of the nitrogen gas for further processing, storage, or transportation.

Storage and Distribution: The compressed nitrogen gas is stored and distributed through storage tanks or a pipeline system. Storage tanks provide temporary storage to meet varying production demands, while pipelines enable the delivery of nitrogen gas to specific equipment or applications.

These steps collectively form the basic process flow of a nitrogen generator. By compressing, cooling, purifying, and compressing the nitrogen gas, the generator can extract and produce high-purity nitrogen gas for various industrial and application purposes.




A Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator operates based on the principle of selective adsorption of gases using adsorbent materials. Here is a description of the working principle of a PSA Nitrogen Generator:

Adsorption: The process begins with compressed air being directed into an adsorption vessel containing a bed of adsorbent material, typically a carbon molecular sieve (CMS). The adsorbent material has a high affinity for oxygen, water vapor, and other impurities present in the air.

Selective Adsorption: Under high pressure, the adsorbent material selectively adsorbs oxygen and other impurities while allowing nitrogen to pass through. This is due to the difference in adsorption capacities and affinities of the adsorbent material for different gases. As a result, the nitrogen-rich gas stream exits the vessel and is collected for further processing.

Purge: Once the adsorption bed becomes saturated with oxygen and impurities, the pressure is released, and the vessel goes through a purge phase. During this phase, a portion of the previously compressed air is diverted to the purging side of the vessel. The purging gas stream, rich in oxygen and impurities, is vented out of the system, removing them from the adsorbent bed.

Adsorption Switching: The process continues by switching the flow of compressed air between two adsorption vessels. While one vessel is adsorbing oxygen and impurities, the other vessel undergoes the purge phase. This cyclic operation ensures a continuous supply of nitrogen gas.

Control System: The PSA Nitrogen Generator is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a similar system. The control system manages the timing and sequencing of the different steps, ensuring proper adsorption, purge, and switching cycles.

By repeating the adsorption, purge, and switching cycles, the PSA Nitrogen Generator can consistently produce a high-purity nitrogen gas stream by selectively adsorbing oxygen and impurities from compressed air. The nitrogen gas produced can be used in various industries and applications where a reliable and on-site nitrogen supply is required.





Box PSA Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen capacity : 1 ~100Nm3/h
Nitrogen purity : 95%-99.999%
Nitrogen pressure : 0.5-0.8Mpa(boost for high pressure) Nitrogen dew point : ≤-40℃(Atmosphere pressure)
Control power supply : 0.2kw 220v 50Hz




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