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refrigerated and adsorption type air dryer Compressed air treatment Hongjinli

China Suzhou Hongjinli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Suzhou Hongjinli Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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refrigerated and adsorption type air dryer Compressed air treatment Hongjinli

refrigerated and adsorption type air dryer Compressed air treatment Hongjinli

Name: Adsorption Air Dryer Dew Point Of Compressed Air: -40℃
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adsorption type air dryer


Compressed air treatment Hongjinli


Adsorption Dryers Hongjinli

Adsorption Air Dryer


Freezing-adsorption combined air dryer Hongjinli Company's BC series energy-saving freezing-adsorption combined low dew point compressed air drying device is a new type of compressed air drying device. It is an organic combination of a freezing dryer and a microthermal regeneration dryer. The two There is a close and inseparable internal connection with the word flow setting.
The combined dryer adopts the newly developed drying process. It is different from the simple process of connecting a cold dryer and an absorbing dryer in series. The process flow is: the air compressor sends compressed air through the rear cooler, and the first choice is to change the drying process. It exchanges heat with the dried low-temperature compressed air in the heater to lower the temperature, and then enters the evaporator to be further cooled to about 2°C. At this dew point, most of the water in the compressed air has become liquid and is discharged, reducing the water content to very little. The compressed air enters the adsorption tower for further drying and water removal. Finally, the low-temperature dry compressed air enters the heat exchanger to cool the high-temperature humid air. At the same time, its temperature also rises, which can prevent condensation on the outer wall of the compressed air delivery pipeline. After heating, A small part of the compressed air is used as regeneration gas for the adsorbent to improve regeneration efficiency and reduce energy consumption.



1. Features: Integrated structure, no foundation installation.
2. The compressed air has good quality and low dew point, which can reach -20~70℃.
3. Gas consumption can be adjusted by 3-5%.
4. The desiccant has a long service life, generally more than 3 years.
5. Microcomputer program control, easy to operate


Operating conditions
Working pressure: 0.6~1.0MPa
Pressure dew point: -20℃~-70℃
Desiccant: activated alumina or molecular sieve
Air inlet temperature: 0℃~45℃
Cooling method: air cooling, water cooling
Air consumption: ≤5%
Regeneration method: heatless regeneration
Pressure drop: ≤0.025MPa
Control method: PIC electronic control
Installation method: indoor without foundation


Refrigerated-adsorption combined air dryer technical parameters
Model Air treatment(m3/min) Power supply(V/50Hz) Pipe diameter(mm) Dimensions(length x width x height mm) Equipment weight(kg)
BC0030 3.8 220/50 DN25 1150X700X1800 220
BC0040 5.5 220/50 DN40 900X1300X1800 370
BC0060 6.8 220/50 DN40 1000X1300X1800 400
BC0080 8.8 220/50 DN50 1060X1400X2000 600
BC0100 11.5 220/50 DN50 1160X1400X1900 650
BC0120 14 380/50 DN65 1160X1600X1900 800
BC0150 16 380/50 DN65 1260X1600X2000 900
BC0200 22.8 380/50 DN80 1500X2000X2050 1500
BC0250 28.5 380/50 DN80 1700X2000X2180 1700
BC0300 35 380/50 DN80 1700X2000X2220 2100
BC0400 45 380/50 DN100 2000X2100X2400 2500
BC0500 55 380/50 DN100 2200X2100X2500 3100
BC0600 65 380/50 DN125 2400X2200X2650 3500
BC0800 85 380/50 DN150 2600X2600X2900 4200
BC1000 105 380/50 DN150 3000X2800X3000 5200
BC1200 120 380/50 DN200 3200X3000X3000 5800
BC1600 160 380/50 DN200 3800X3300X3000 7600
BC2000 200 380/50 DN200 4200X3500X3000 9500
Note: BX0005-BX2000 models are twin-tower traditional structures; (LH) is a low-heat adsorption dryer


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